As a personal stylist, Megan focuses on self-expression and feeling confident as priorities in her approach to styling clients wanting to update their closet, create travel capsule wardrobes, and find the best outfits for formal events. She will work closely with the client and their needs to provide a service that elevates and highlights their own individual style.

Traditional Personal Styling

Consultation - In person meeting or over email where the client will find out a lifestyle questionnaire and grid. Body measurements will also be taken if necessary. - 30 min

  • Closet Assessment - Visit the client’s closet to assess contents and take photos of garments. Alteration services can be offered at this stage. - 1-1.5 hrs
  • Personal Shopping -  Option to shop in-store with the client, shop alone or shop online to check store websites. Maximum 6 hours/day. - 5-6 hrs
  • Outfit Collages - 10 outfit collages created from the client’s closet and shopping - Digital and printed options available 

Destination Capsule Wardrobe:

5 - 10 outfits will be provided for a variety of travel events. A short consultation and travel questionnaire will be taken with the client to determine the best direction for the styling. Styling advice based on variables such as the destination, weather, neighborhood, and activities can also be provided for those needing extra guidance. 

Special Event/Formal Wear: 

Complete looks provided for special events or formal occasions with hair and make up service. A short consultation and fittings will take place to determine the best look for the event. 

Outfit Flashcards - Digital and Printed offered


  • Tailoring/Alteration Consultation
  • Beauty/Grooming - Services provided for special events 
  • Dry Cleaning Service - Recommendation for the top dry cleaners in the city
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